The Downward Spiral By Trent Reznor: Chapter Summary

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Adolescents often have a very difficult time transitioning from youth to adulthood. Often times, they attempt to cope with a variety of stressors they experience by engaging in dangerous and harmful activities. Using a logistic regression analysis, a study lead by Anthony Spirito, Ph. D found “A significant portion of adolescents (approximately 15%) reported injuries associated with substance abuse. Adolescents who reported a history of risk-taking behaviors were much more likely to report substance use-related injuries” (Spirito 113). Why teenagers so frequently engage in these dangerous activities was the topic of the book “Adolescent Risk Behaviors” By Wolfe, Jaffe, and Crooks which explains that relationships between others is the primary factor leading to these behaviors. Teenagers who listen The Downward Spiral by Trent Reznor, a 90’s top chart album, can identify with several of the coping methods that the narrator uses after his relationship with a person close to him comes to an end. The narrator in the album eventually commits suicide after finding none of these coping methods were truly effective, and he was only destroying himself the entire time. The work attempts to warn listeners from…show more content…
Sexual activity can put teenagers at risk for several STIs and STDs, along with the risk of unexpected pregnancy. Substance abuse can also open the gateway to new potential diseases by weakening the immune system and offer an entry point for bacteria and viruses. Substance abuse can also lead to mental deterioration, physical ailments, and even death. Violence also is another dangerous risk behavior that adolescents often resort to. “Adolescent Risk Behaviors” notes “Rates of physical and sexual assault in dating relationships, including being beaten up and forced to have unwanted sex, range from 10 percent to 25 percent of high school students” (Crooks
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