The Dragon Monologue

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Backstory: I was mucking about with my dragons one morning, before I saw Spy heading to Berk on a strange dragon. I went to get a better look, seeing this new dragon, I was amazed by its grace and coloration. I went up to the dragon and said "Hello, its nice to meet you," The dragon spoke to me and said Greetings human, it was a pleasure to meet you as well. I asked the dragon for its friendship, he refuses and tell me this. You aren 't worthy enough to tame me, by all means lets talk about this before we can agree on something. I look at him and say, "Perhaps we could fly around Berk?" He looks to me and says, That sounds nice, please do show me around this island. I saddle up on my deadly nadder Flare, telling the Aquaborealis "Are you ready!" I exclaimed before telling Flare…show more content…
A few months has passed since then, I became good friends with this dragon but we still weren 't true companions yet. We would go to the beach in the afternoons often to talk about things and go fishing, I enjoyed fishing with him a lot, he 's the reason I manage to get larger fish out of the water. When I thought I could never tame him, it came to me that he needed a true companion, and today I would ask him if he would be that companion. I walk up to the Aquaborealis and say, "I enjoy your company. You are honestly the nicest dragon I 've ever met." He replies and says, You are a great friend Arnora, thank you for your compliments. I give him a gift of brown trout, honeycomb, and mutton. I bid him farewell before going away for a couple of days, he would want to return the favor soon. So my absense gave him time to prepare. After the days have passed, he greeted me and says. I loved your gifts, that was very sweet of you Arnora. He looks to me and says, Thank you for all of this, I really like your company. And as a gift of gratitude, i 'll be your companion. I accept his offer, I thank him for everything, and welcome him into my family, i 'll never forget when I bonded with
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