Essay On Dragon Legend

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A long time ago, there was a legend. The legend is of a dragon. and The legend is that if you can find the dragon and take a tooth from it then you shall get whatever you want. Though many spent their lives searching for it, only one found it. His name was Daniel. He did it for one wish and that one wish was so his town would survive the storm, he made the wish so the town wouldn’t be affected in the future and become a safe haven. It was 700 B.C., in ancient Greece, Gray storm clouds were coming over the horizon, Henry Daniel knew there wasn’t a lot of time left for his chores until he would have to leave. He went inside his house and he strapped everything to his back right then and now he was his towns only hope from being destroyed. When he first found the storm, he knew how to stop it from destroying his town. It was the dragon tooth. “Daniel, get ready dear”, His mom yelled,
”You need
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Maybe he could keep this for himself make him a rich king ruler.
“No you didn’t come here for this,” Daniel told himself” “I wish that my town will forever stay in one peace and be a safe haven for all eternity,”.
The tooth did nothing special, but now it was engraved with something he hadn’t seen before.
“Your wish has been granted” is what it said.
That was he knew that the town was safe. He made the trip back faster than what it took coming in. And soon he found his town. Their waiting was his mother’s. And nothing was broken. He was hailed a hero as he showed off the tooth. And now the town was rich with people coming for shelter. Though he changed that and made it to where anyone could live.
That is the legend of the dragon tooth. And May it be found, let the wish be for good and not evil. We must know from him that when things are hard they're bound to be for the good. And that though it is hard the greater good is compelling us to keep going and to survive until the next
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