The Dred Scoot Decision

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Around 1850, slavery was a serious issue in the United States which led to many controversies between States in the country. Moreover, several Supreme Court Cases decisions affect the United States during this time. After the Dred Scoot decision, due to the unconstitutionally of the Missouri Compromise, western states were in risk of becoming slave states, such as Kansas. In Kansas a series of violent conflicts occurred between free-slavers and slave-starters. For instance, the Dred Scott decision was the cause of the Bleeding Kansas, however, Kansas became a bloody place. Furthermore, after the Kansas Nebraska Act was passed, wealthy people wanted to take advantage and build a transcontinental railroad that run through Kansas, However, in order to build the railroad they need slaves. The Supreme Court in case Dred Scoot v Sandford declared the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional, letting others states in the west to be either a free state or a…show more content…
For example, in the cartoon is state “no, he didn’t this fight, called “the battle of Black Jack, is consider by some historians the first battle of the civil war. This demonstrate that the decision of the Supreme Court in the Dred Scott case affected Kansas, which was becoming a tuning place of battles and fights between pro-slavery and anti-slavery people. In conclusion, Kansas, after the declaring the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional, became a place of tension and conflict between people from Kansas who were against of slavery, and people from others states that were in favor of slavery and wanted slavery in order to increase their wealth as it was demonstrated in the cartoon “Bleeding Kansas”. Finally, the Dred Scott Decision was of great importance to the United States because it let to the end of slavery in the United
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