The Dress Short Story

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The Dress
Siblings do not always get along well. It is normal to have disputes with your siblings. However, can the arguments go a bit too far? “The Dress” is a short story written by Julia Darling in 2006, which is about the relationship between two sisters, Rachel and Flora and the two sisters relationship with their mother. The story is centralized around a dress, which Flora took from Rachel without asking.
The mother has her 40th birthday at the time of the story. She is a divorced mother of two and works as a bereavement counselor. She is tired of her job and does not want to come home to more problems between people to solve. Not even problems between her own daughters. She has reached midlife crisis since she wants to quit her job and start as a jeweler instead. She wants to try something new and start doing something she really wants to. The mother is very affected by her job. When the two daughters argue she treats them as she treats her clients at her job. She does not act like a mother but more like a counselor when she tries to solve the argument and she fails miserably. The mother does not want to make scenes in public, as the daughters do at the restaurant; she wants people to think that they are a perfect little family of three. “She liked emotions to be explored in safe rooms, with a clock” (p. 3). The safe room with a clock is referencing to her job.
Flora and Rachel are in some ways very different girls and in some ways very similar. They have a rocky
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