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The Dressmaker How has the film maker presented the personal journey and growth of the main protagonists? The 2015 film “The Dressmaker” directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse and starring Kate Winslet (Myrtle Dunnage) and Judy Davis (Molly Dunnage) as two of its main protagonists. In order to enhance the personal journeys and growth of the protagonists. The film uses very prominent symbols such as the sewing machine, which is recognised as Tilly’s secret weapon. The resolution of the film also includes a very significant symbol which is fire, which exemplifies the purging and cleansing. The theme of love is also powerful as it shows the fractured bond between mother (Molly) and daughter (Tilly) during the orientation and how their relationship ends…show more content…
When Tilly burns her house and the town she detaches all the atrocious memories which were attached to the house. By burning the whole town she freed herself from the curse. Just before she threw the lighter on the house she articulates “Tilly Dunnage, is no longer cursed. This reinforces the power she behold within her up until the end. Fire also symbolises the blaze of glory as she commences a new journey by burning the town. The fire highlights the personal journey of the character and she has capsulated the personal story of her life and burnt it down. To develop the theme of power that Tilly beholds the text demonstrates the subtle use of irony. The audience discovers that she is not running away from the antagonism but instead is starting a new journey by demolishing the place she once called…show more content…
The main idea of this theme is to depict the relationship between both the protagonists, Tilly and Molly. The relationship between this mother and daughter duo is initially displayed as volatile, and is pivotal in this text. The theme of love is accentuated through the use of camera angles. Molly one of the prominent characters’ in the film, she has been neglected by the society in the past 25 years. At the orientation as Tilly makes an effort to put Molly in a bath she articulates that, “you are filthy dirty and you stink mum”. High angle shot was implied during this scene to emphasise that the old hag will now regain some dignity and confidence. Tilly is in urge to know why she was victimised as a child. During the climax Molly is clothed better than before, although it is still ragged. The death of teddy was a poignant moment in Tilly’s development which benefits Molly as she becomes the pivotal pillar for her daughter during the hardship. Thereafter, when Molly enters the shop and music which accompanies her entry is powerful as it reinforces the regain of her

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