The Driving Age Should Be Raised Essay

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In Britain today, more than five thousand teens each year are killed, from being involved in a car accident. And that in the countries that have laws saying that that people can only be legal to drive when they pass their test at the age of 21, the death rates are surprisingly lower. In this essay I will show the two sides to whether or not the driving age in Britain should be risen to twenty-one years old. One of the main reason why I think that the driving age should be raised In Britain would be because of the amount of deaths which are being created due to young ages and it could also be because of tests not being hard enough. A disadvantage of this age group being allowed to get a driving license would be that, that a year after this…show more content…
This may mean that they would rush thing when trying to get their driving license. One other min reason could be because it would be breaking the adult rights in Britain if they weren’t allowed to get their driving license by the age of eighteen, this is because above this age they are responsible for all their actions. One of the ways that could happen so that it could limit the amount of deaths each year with out hanging the age limit for a driving license would be that they could, raise the difficulty of the driving tests, so that they can only pass once they are complete safe. It would also mean that the people passing their tests are completely capable for driving safely. One other solution could be that, once the person has passed their test they would have does a certain amount of miles by them self’s with out a passenger unless it’s a member of their family. This is so that they get used to the fact they have passed and they don’t show off to their friends who are with them in the car. It is said that most of the car accents, which are caused, are with other people in the car along with the is said that in 2012 it was over seventy nine percent of all the car accents were passengers in the
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