The Droplet: A Narrative Fiction

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When I was a young droplet, I used to go on fun adventures, not so much anymore. This story goes way back, just as my adventures had begun. I was playing with Little Susie one day, we were swimming in Richard the Snake’s stomach. We were splashing around when all the sudden we spewed out under a big, thick tree. We were in his urine. Ew! We stayed there for a really long time, because we had nowhere to go, so we remained on the surface. The next day, the sun came out and we evaporated into the clouds. I felt a tingly feeling as the heat energy hit us. It was amazing we just rose and rose until we were up in the clouds. We had been up in the clouds for about a week, when there was a monstrous storm that rained us into a giant lake. Little Susie landed on the other side of the lake, so now I’m alone, all by myself, surrounded by no one I know.…show more content…
I was wondering along the lake, when I met the greatest bunch of water droplets around. I guess you could say they were my homies. We all loved to dance together, especially to ‘Watch Me’. We all whipped and Nae Naed, and when we felt crazy enough, we sometimes even hit the quan. We were the greatest bunch of friends, but Yolanda fell into the pool of thirsty water drinking chickens. She was my best friend in the whole wide world, so of course, I jumped in after her. Once I finally found her, it was already too late. We were both drank up by the thirsty drinking chickens, but at least we were together
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