The Drummer Boy Of Shilh Summary

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The Drummer Boy of Shiloh In the short story ‘’ The Drummer Boy of Shiloh’’ a few of the symbols the narrator likes is ‘’there wasn't a man boy on this ground who didn't have a shield he cast,here's a boy crying before the war starts get it over there won't be time when it starts, and when there is a bunch of wild horses you got to bring order on them.’’ People like the use of symbolism in this short story because it adds a whole bunch of extra detail. It symbolizes with items anybody can understand. This makes it easier to understand and visualize the story. To start with, the first expression people like is ‘’there wasn't a man boy who didn't have a shield he cast.’’ This gives an idea how unprotected Joby is, and adds to the suspense.…show more content…
He gives Joby importance and shows how unprotected he is. This also gives us an idea how smart Joby really is. People can relate this to there own life because there isn't always a chance to rethink something so make the right decision the first time. The final symbol readers respect is, ‘’ when there is a bunch of wild horse you have to bring order to them.’’ This is also another quote by the general who people respect so much because he is a father figure. Anyways, readers like this symbol because it portrays the young men as wild animals. This shows us that Joby is one of the only ones who is smart enough to see the danger of the upcoming war. People can relate this to real life because sometimes we are the wild animals, ready to attack when only one or two people know the real danger of fighting. Them were just three of the symbols readers respected from the short story ‘’ The Drummer Boy of Shiloh.’’ People respected many more but that was three of my favorites, people liked the use of symbols because it added detail and helped you picture the story a lot
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