The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh Analysis

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In the story “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh,” by R.Bradbury the author has the story in third person point of view. He uses symbolism using Joby ( who just turned fourteen) the drum, and the rhythm of the drum. He takes us through a quick summary of what Joby and the general were feeling on that sad night. While others might have had a good night’s sleep Joby and the general didn’t on this miserable night in Tennessee. Watching the peach blossoms fall while crying under the April night sky full of stars, Joby finds himself thinking about the day to come. He knows what to do. He knows what his job is, but he finds it hard to do when he knows that he’s struggling to lead the army because he’s struggling with himself by not having confidence and being scared to die. That night it was just Joby and his thought’s at the time and all he could be was sad and solemn.…show more content…
The general happens to walk by and see Joby weeping while out there alone. Going to see what the problem was the general finds out that Joby is stressed and is scared about the war that was bound to happen. Joby was devastated and thought the worst out of his general seeing him cry. The general understands Joby and realizes that to get Joby to lead the team right he has to put confidence back into Joby. The general soon lets Joby know that it’s ok to be worried and in the state, Joby was in now. He lets Joby know that the reason he was out getting air was because he himself was crying too. The general was scared that he would not only lose him but the others life's, he just wasn’t ready for that to

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