The Drummer Boy Of Sloh Analysis

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A setting can dramatically impact a story. It can affect the character 's attitude towards his or her situation, and affect the plot of the story. For instance, in The Finish of Patsy Barnes, Patsy lives in a poor neighborhood in Kentucky, where he enjoys spending time in the stables with horses. Sometimes, Patsy warms-up some horses, but gets a meager amount of money for doing it. One day, a horse killed his father, who supported the family 's economy. Some days later, his mother gets a serious pneumonia. Concerned by her situation, the sick and poor woman couldn 't afford for a doctor. Therefore, she decided to call the city physician, who disliked going to that neighborhood. Rudely, the physician gave Patsy 's mother the medicine, but she was not getting better. Patsy wanted to help, and he knew exactly how to. Courageously, Patsy competed on a horse race with the same horse that killed his father. He won! Later, he called an actual doctor to treat his mother 's illness. In a different manner, The Drummer Boy of Shiloh shows its plot. Jody is on Kentucky, in the Civil War. He has cried for some time. Although he is just the drummer boy, he is also scared for the war. Suddenly, the General comes by and…show more content…
The Finish of Patsy Barnes and The Drummer Boy of Shiloh show different settings. In The Finish of Party Barnes, Patsy lives in a cheap neighborhood in Kentucky. His father works with horses, and his mother works in different jobs. The family works hard to gain their resources, but it 's not enough. In those times, there is racism against colored people, which means that Patsy 's family was treated differently. Unfairly. In The Drummer Boy of Shiloh, Jody is on plain grass, at night. Silence overflows the area. Every subtle movement, every subtle noise, makes Jody frighten. Everybody is whispering among each other, but Jody has no one to take to, but his drum. Do you think the story would have changed if the setting would be different?
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