The Dumbest Generation Analysis

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The age of technology began in the late 1970s and has increased immensely to the present time. The technological advances have caused people to question the intellectual levels of younger generations. Some authors have stated in their works that all people under the age of 30 make up the dumbest generation. I feel some of the people in older generations believe in a tradition that all people should know general knowledge that is taught in schools. In my opinion we are not the dumbest generation because technological advances has encouraged the current generation to learn differently and more efficiently. A college professor, Mark Bauerlein, wrote a book in 2008 called The Dumbest Generation. He supports his claim that we are the dumbest generation because he believes that we don’t know general knowledge like the generations before us. Although he never defines what general knowledge is, some of his arguments include that we have a limited vocabulary due to the use of social networking and use of video games has hurt our learning in classrooms. I disagree with his claims because using a limited vocabulary on social media doesn’t mean we lack heightened vocabulary in schools or in the workforce. Limited vocabulary is often used on social media because it is just communication with friends.…show more content…
The current generations learn in different ways that is not limited to in school learning. Technology has given access to information that is easier for younger generations to learn from. This has led me to believe that older generations think because of our excessive use of technology that we are not learning. Video games has increased physical and mental learning skills as a form of entertainment. While several different writing programs has helped schoolwork become easier and more efficient. I believe that this proves that technological advances has ensured that the current generation is not the
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