Analysis of Duplicity in Frankenstein

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The Duplicity in Frankenstein Rationalism and Irrationalism 1. Rationalism-- Frankenstein as Science Fiction The 17th and 18th century witnessed the rapid development in science and technology, raising the problems between man and nature, and the conflicts between reason and emotions. Frankenstein was the reflection of these features. Authorities generally hold the view that Frankenstein is the first science fiction in modern sense. It talked about how science influences the human society and dealt with the conflicts between man and its creation. Besides Shelley’s rationalism in its theme, there is another element, such as the scientific background, providing for the soil of rationalism. 2. Irrationalism-- Frankenstein as Gothic Fiction Gothicsim, also known as black romanticism, is a literary genre that emerged as a reaction to the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution and neo-classicalism and is a revival to irrationalism. These novels are usually set against the ruins of an ancient castle or the wilderness. The horror of the plot is filled with death, murder, incest and usurpation, ghosts and all kinds of unexplained supernatural phenomena. The atmosphere of the novel is gloomy and mysterious. The aesthetic basis of Gothic literature is magnificent and weird. Gothicism is good at extraordinarily irrational factors, exploring the dark side of human nature, terror, despair, anxiety, desire, blood, and thirsty that were suppressed in traditional literature. In
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