The Dust Bowl Documentary Analysis

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1. Facing the plight of the nineteen-thirties Dust Bowl in Oklahoma, the Joad family decides it is time for them seek a better future in the promised land of California. They pack their bags, and load into their car with the intention of riding on the infamous Route 66, and not looking back until they reach their destination. On their journey they experience many issues including family conflicts, discrimination, and even the law. The Joad clan start to question whether or not there will still be opportunity waiting for them in California, once they realize that elements of supply and demand may not be in their favor. 2. The most notable protagonist of the story is Tom Joad, the first character that is introduced in the film, who is filled…show more content…
Under the circumstances brought by the Dust Bowl, the Joads must leave their life in Oklahoma behind in order to survive and pursue an altogether better life. This separation from their property is conclusively a death sentence for Granpa Joad, the founder of the Joad farm, who shortly dies after their departure. As the Joads embark on their journey, they begin to feel the discrimination that is shared throughout a large population of people who were referred to as “okies”. This conflict is resolved in many ways. In retaliation to the unjust conditions for migrant farmers in California, Jim Casy organizes a strike against unfair wages. He also even willingly goes to jail in order to serve as a sacrificial symbol towards his cause. Towards the end of the film, Tom Joad decides that it is in his best interest to leave the family behind and pursue fighting injustices against migrant farmers in any way he can. Another way this conflict is resolved is at the end of the film when Ma Joad says: “We’re the people that live” (Grapes of Wrath). She describes that their ability to persevere through hard times is empowering and makes them a stronger people. This empowerment is what fuels their ability to combat injustice thus sparking a resolution to the

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