The Dust Bowl Reflection

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I would recommend this book because it is a page turner once you get involved in the book. I had mixed opinions about this book because I found the start to not be very exciting, but after a little while once the Joads got moving on the road to California it became a lot more intense. The family faces many hardships along the way such as losing family members and also having two die, but they also meet many new people. The main idea of this book was family because no matter how bad it was Ma was able to keep the family composed. There were many characters throughout this book and I like a few of them, but I didn’t like a few of them. I like Ma, Tom, and Casey because the way they acted and how they were involved in the family made them seem like real people. It was almost like I was listening to someone tell this story to me firsthand. I did not like Pa and Grandpa because they did not seem to fit into the family completely, Grandpa was too stubborn for the family, and Pa did not know how to keep a family composed. The plot is the main reason why the story was so amazing, it all seemed to flow together. John Steinbeck writes with a depressed tone at the start, but as you read more of the book the tone gets happier and also more hopeful.
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