The Dutchman Character Analysis

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In the Dutchman, there are three main characters Clay, Lula, and the other passengers who each have their different character traits and plight. The character can be expressed as individual’s personal values, what makes up a person’s moral compass, key values, what drives their conduct; changeable over time with focus, effort, education and experience. Plight usually affects one character since it has to do with what you are born into a race, sexual orientation, religion, impact of poverty and lack of educational opportunities. Clay is a twenty-year-old, middle-class black man from New Jersey. He was born into a typical African American family with the chance to receive a college education. He is a straight man who dresses well wearing an…show more content…
In the play she is described as being “tall, slender, beautiful woman with long red hair hanging straight down her back, wearing only loud lipstick in somebody’s good taste” (pg.5) also wearing sandals and sunglasses. At first thought it would seem like Lula comes from the white rich elite group, but she, however, is anything but Lula comes from low inheritance and income level, she grew up in the New York slums walking up all the stairs. In the Dutchman, it describes her as entering the subway with a “net bag full of paper books, fruit, and other anonymous articles” (pg. 5). If Lula had come from wealth she most definitely would not be carrying such items and would most likely be driving in cars rather than taking the subway. She could be characterized as being a cheap, skanky, poor and even white trash having lots of resentment towards those of the upper class. loud wearing skimpy summer clothing with sandals and sunglasses. Growing up poor in the slums has made Lula become a character never revealing anything about her real life and always lying about basically everything she says. She also shows great deductive and emotional manipulative skills as well as being a predator and a temptress. Lula is able to tell Clay things about himself he never provided her and manipulate him into taking her to the dance, she keeps talking about before eventually stabbing him in the
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