The Duvitch Chapter Summary

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It all began when the Duvitch family, immigrants from Europe, arrives in the prosperous community of Syringa Street. As soon as they arrive, they stood out, like a black sheep among a flock of white ones. They were the only poor family in the whole neighborhood of rich ones. Before long, everyone noticed their differences and began to mock them. The bread the Duvitch boys ate was blackened. The clothes of the girls were taken from the community dump. In addition, the father’s job as a meatpacker was odoriferous. Even the dog was peculiar. It was afraid of its own shadow, and was too timid to bark or even growl. Because of all this, the residents of Syringa Street refused to accept and welcome the new family. Readers eventually sympathize for the Duvitches and can only hope that the family will be…show more content…
Andy was shocked and surprised when he saw how happy and excited they were. Here, at their own home, after finally being accepted for the first time, they could be their true selves. Subsequently, the residents began to treat the Duvitches better. When they saw that the family was good enough for father, the only college graduate in the community, was good enough for him, they decided that the Duvitches were good enough for them. And there was another good reason for accepting them. Each person in the family had their own kind of talent. David could play the accordion excellently, and became one of the town’s most popular musicians. All of the other children taught their special folk dances to the students. Mr. Duvitch was a rather skilled ventriloquist, being able to make the dog, cat, and doll talk. Mrs. Duvitch was gifted in nursing, being able to calm agitated and anxious patients and their families. In addition, the elder Duvitches had all sorts of Old World knowledge and wisdom. They would gently talk and convince people against false pride, sadness, and other such
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