The Dynamic Character In The Great Gatsby By Brian Fitzgerald

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There are a few supporting characters in this novel. One of them is Brian Fitzgerald which is the father of the Fitzgerald children and a career firefighter. Brian Fitzgerald is a dynamic character because of how he changes, at first he believed Anna should have to donate to Kate but changes his mind because he feels it 's the right things to do. Brian often serves as a foil to Sara. In contrast to her, he can view the situation from his children’s perspectives, making him both more perceptive and understanding than Sara at times. Yet Brian also escapes into his work to avoid dealing with the hardships surrounding his family. He can be kinder than Sara, but by the end of the story Sara proves to be the emotionally stronger of the two. Next is Jesse Fitzgerald, the oldest of the Fitzgerald children and the most delinquent. Despite his tough exterior,…show more content…
She is an ambitious and well-career woman without children as she does not want end up her career to care her children just like what Sara did. Zanne is a very kind hearted and caring sister to Sara and her husband Brian. She always by their side whenever they need help and support for example, when Sara and Brian are both busy with handling their sick children, Kate and need to work, Zanne will always be the one to take care their other children which are Jesse and Anna. Zanne and Sara relationship show us that sisters is probably the most competitive within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. Next character is Taylor Ambrose, one of the fellow cancer patients that Kate met and had a crush on. Their relationship show that although both of them cannot be like other normal teenagers since they are diagnosed with cancer, but at heart, they are just like them who wants to love and to be loved. Taylor’s sudden death has brings a huge impact to Kate and she start to realizes that cancer patients like them could die anytime without a little

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