The Dystopian Society In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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The dystopian society depicted in Ayn Rand's novel “Anthem” is a dark and dour world where the people of the world stand as one, and . Although the world is a dark and ominous place, main character Equality 7-2521 seeks out elation with his rediscovered technology “artificial light”. He seeks this with not pride or dignity in his technology but almost a sense of wanted to break free from the binding chains of the dystopian society, as if he was doing a favor to not only to himself but also to society. However; he also knew what he was doing was very sinful, and it could land him in The Palace of Corrective Detention. The fact that Equality persevered through the disapproval of his rediscovered technology is astounding considering the sorts of primitive technology…show more content…
Unfortunately, when people say the word communism, they think of leaders including Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union. The society of America puts a mask on everyone, giving them biased views. Communism has never really been executed under a non-corrupt leader, and that is why it gets such a negative view. Not only is communism looked down upon, but also less extreme forms of it like socialism which was proposed by a presidential candidate in 2016. Perhaps if this presidential candidate were elected as President of The United States, then this fantasy world of common motivation, and joint efforts could become a reality. Although this is very unlike as mentioned, most people of America are too worried about self gain and self interest, and the facade of society places a biased view on anything linked to communism. Too many immediately reject any idea of communism. It can be seen that not significant work was done in the world in “Anthem” and that extreme forms of communism are likely to fail, but a less extreme form like socialism could possibly save the world from corruption, and could bring the world back together as
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