The Early Industrial Revolution

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Factors That Led To The Early Industrial Revolution In the United States The Industrial revolution of the United States helped to shape the society that we live in today. The early development of manufacturing in this country was due to technological innovation and new opportunities for Americans and immigrants. The Industrial Revolution was a result of social, political, economical and technological changes. The social changes that led to the Industrial Revolution were, mass production, job opportunities and education. I will introduce and examine these more in the following paragraph. Mass production is the rapid construction of everyday items. The increase in production was a factor that led to the early Industrial revolution. It brought…show more content…
New jobs that led to the Industrial revolution were factory jobs, railroad building jobs, canal building jobs and whaling. These were important because they helped in changing what a typical work day was and increased the amount of annual revenue for an American. The Cotton boom in the South helped the South by increasing its revenue and allowing them to make large amounts of money by having slaves produce large amounts of cotton. During the cotton boom an invention by Eli Whitney was founded, the cotton gin. It helped to separate the seeds from the cotton, therefore producing cotton at faster rates, “...the cotton boom increased the demand for slaves…” (James A. Henretta, Rebecca Edwards, Robert O. Self, 2011, pg. 256, para.3). The significance of this quote is that we then see slavery reappear again in the South and slavery becomes a major reliance for the South’s economy. The market revolution was also important in changing the economy. Cities and towns began to increase along popular trading areas, this is because people wanted to be where the jobs were. The Market Revolution changed labor systems, the population and transportation. It particularly affected N.Y and the Midwest. The Market revolution also, “expanded the integrated markets” (James A. Henretta, Rebecca Edwards, Robert O. Self, 2011, pg. 273, para. 2). The quote gives us…show more content…
The early Industrial revolution was a turning point for American culture, it shattered original ideas of what being in the workforce looked like and truly Americanized what the trading system would turn into. It was the foundation of many American cultural ideas because it redefined our values and what it truly meant to be an

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