Robert Frost Writing Style

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Xavier Parker
Mrs wides
English 11
8 March 2018
Robert Frost “In three words i can sum up everything i’ve learned about life: it goes on”. This is one of the many quotes said by the world famous american poet Robert Frost. Frost holds his own special and basically isolated position in american poetry. There is great speculation over whether frost is a modern american poet or not because while his career was continued through the modern times. His style displayed that from an earlier time. Frost took on 19 century tools and revised them in his own style.
The Early life of frost was a rather tragic one. Frost was born March 26, 1874 in san francisco, california and that is where he spent the first 11 years of his life until his father who was
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Getting his language patterns mostly from the vernacular, Frost strayed away from manufactured poetic diction by adopting the accent of a soft accented New Englander. In “The Function of Criticism”, Yvor Winters undervalued Robert Frost for his “endeavor to make his style approximate as closely as possible the style of conversation.” But what Frost accomplished in his works was much more advanced than an impersonation of the New England farmer dialect. He wanted to bring back to literature the sentence sounds that control the words the “vocal gesture” that enhances the meaning. Frost felt a poet’s ear should be responsive to the voice in order to pick up with the written word the significance of the sound in the word that is spoken. “The Death of the Hired Man,” for example, is consisted almost in its entirety of communication between Mary and Warren, her farmer-husband, but critics have noticed that in this poem Frost takes the patterns of their dialect and changes them to be lyrical. To Ezra Pound “The Death of the Hired Man” symbolized Frost at the top of his game when he “dared to write in the natural speech of New England”; “in natural spoken speech, which is very different from the ‘natural’ speech of the newspapers, and of many
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