The Earth Is Cruel Analysis

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In the story, “The Earth is Cruel” many things can be learned in the story. The author talks about how life can be very scary and very heartbreaking. But even more than heartbreaking. He tells his audience that the world is going to drag you down. It will also not just drag you down it will make your life horrible. Maybe for long periods of times maybe short. It is like a rain storm that never ends at some points. But even though life is going to drag you down and make it very horrible at times. An amazing thing is that we all eventually pick ourselves up and everything gets better. Every storm runs outta rain This is Leonard Pitts main idea in his writing. In Leonard Pitts writing he describes the city of Haiti who is hit by a huge earthquake known as the 7.0 monster killing thousands. He goes on to say that while they were there experiencing this terrible tragedy most of us were at home watching from tv sitting on our couch. It makes you wonder how does god decide who to let this happen too? It also makes you kinda scared that the wolds is filled with danger and you don't really know what's gonna happen ever. He then goes on to tell about other tragedies happening in the world like other…show more content…
Even though these people lost their homes and their families they moved on. Even though sometimes life will knock you down in the dirt and it seems pointless to get back up. The amazing part is that Pitt describes is that everyone will eventually get back up no matter how hard it seems. For the people in hadi Who experienced one of the worst tragedies in history they got back up after the accident and started rebuilding their homes and rebuilding families. Cause they realized a very important thing. All you can do in life after something bad is to get back up and rebuild what is broken and get over what has happened because these thong happen and there is nothing you can do about
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