The Earth Liberation Front

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The Earth Liberation front have proven themselves to be a radicalized single issue group in the film “If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front” with the frustration by the inability to accomplish the goals of saving the environment. While the intentions are good at heart the way it is the peaceful protests turned violent led to the numerous acts of arson and vandalism have struck fear in many people. Although for the most part these arsons were non violent towards people, they were directly responsible for the incidents of property destruction leading to economic sabotage and eventually could lead to acts of terror on individuals who destruct the environment. The ELF have become one of the leading domestic terrorist attackers due to the agendas and devotion the group follows to trying to raise awareness for environmental issues. This results in the increase of violent attacks in hopes of attention being brought to the issue with the media coverage the arsons bring. But, this also leads to worry in many people, they may live in fear of being a possible target when their jobs and…show more content…
Individuals are used to prevent, minimize groups (by force), or organizations that alter the natural environment. They use the group as a platform for approval to the actions they have committed. Individuals can find a motive in these groups as they most likely have similar interests in ambitions and radical change. Most often these individuals develop strong relationships within their group which lead to strong loyalty to the particular cause making them highly motivated for recognition and social acceptance. Often this was seen in the film when loyalty to the cause became the doctrine for arsons since police would often harm them leading to deep resentment for
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