The Earthquake In Haiti

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Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. In Haiti, 80% of the populations were under the poverty line and on January 12, 2010, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti (Amadeo, 2016) and more than fifty-nine aftershocks that followed. This natural disaster had a devastating effect on Haiti economy. Government and people around the world made donations and pledges of aid to Haiti. (History, 2017) About 230,000 people were killed due to the earthquake, and more than 300,000 people injured. The earthquake created $7.8 billion to $8.5 billion in damages, 106,000 people were left without homes and 188,383 homes damaged. About eighty percent of schools damaged or destroyed. (Amadeo, 2016)
November 19, 2010, more than 19,000 transitional
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The Oxfam determination is to change the world by finding creative ways for people to pick themselves up out of poverty and succeed. They save lives and help rebuild the community when natural disasters strike. The Oxfam who contributed their support; 100 strong teams, 15 emergency specialists and helping the community offer daily hot meals. (Oxfam International, 2017) Providing paid employments to the people to keep the camps clean. Oxfam reached 300,000 people with aid in the first three months after the earthquake. (Oxfam International, 2017)
The Department of Defense delivered more than 1.42 million meals; 7,645 cots; 24,365 blankets; 94,709 comfort kits; and 767,164 liters of water to Haiti. (Cecchine, Morgan, Wermuth, Jackson, Gereben, Stafford, Pg. iii)
Six thousand residents from Haiti are still homeless and living in tents, or out in the open and to this day the massive earthquake that hit Haiti left the country with wounds. (ABC news, 2016) Many hospitals were unusable; people forced to wait days for treatment. IMR traveled twenty times to Haiti for medical camps since the 2010 earthquake. (International Medical Relief, 2017) More than two million Haitians are still in need of humanitarian aid. A Hundred of thousand of Haitians moved to live in the Dominican Republic. (Cook,
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