Easter Island Civilization Analysis

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Civilizations come into existence and meet their downfall in different ways. Back then, our ancestors built mysterious cultures. Their civilizations have come and gone, but remnants of their cultures still exist today. The embedded history left marks all around the world, leaving us with awe, mysteries, and questions. Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Mayan civilizations all had their golden ages, but demise was inevitable with every civilization. Among the arcane emblems of our ancestors, those of Easter Island in Chile encompass the enigmas of old civilizations. Origins of the native people were still shrouded in controversies. Acts that aggrandize the island’s civilization persist in being ambiguous. Spurts of the civilization cascaded into the society’s obliteration. Easter Island’s dawn, rise, and fall evoked vacillating bafflements, skeptics and hypotheses. What was most puzzling about Easter Island’s civilization was…show more content…
There are two tremendous devastations that took place on the Easter Island. The first was deforestation which lead to the civil-war and cannibalism. People on Easter Island, deforested the once flourished island because of the need to transport statues, which then, represented civility, but now represent the downfall of the society. One by one all of the trees on the island were cut down. Consequently, the land was unfertile and there were no trees to build houses or sea-worthy ships, and they were trapped on the deforested island. After all the natural resources had been depleted, the natives turned into savages. They blamed one another and destroyed statues which symbolized their civilization. They fought and the victors ate their dead enemies out of the belief that they would gain strength and power. The bones on the island provide evidence of their cannibalism. Van Tilburg said that the bones on the island provide evidence of their

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