The Echoing Green Analysis

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“The Echoing Green” is a poem in which the author’s theme is predominantly joy. Most of the characteristics of the poem are based on a sense of cheerfulness and playfulness. The overall theme of both poems “The Echoing Green” and “The Garden of love”are joy and nature. As both of the poems happen on the “Green” or in the “Garden” which is the open green space where the happiness and laughter of children are spread around. The Echoing green is a flashback which takes the writer on a visit to the garden. This flashback scene helps the poem relate to the echoing green where the “Old John with white hair”recalls how he used to be joyful about playing in the green space. “The Echoing green” is a poem, which is full of joy. The poem is celebrating…show more content…
The garden changed over time. This place was a form of nature which the author describes as being destroyed over time, and changed to become a place of death. All the beautiful flowers were replaced with graves and the beautiful garden was gone; instead the Chapel was built. Along with the gates shutting everything out with a note saying, “thou shalt not” this gave a symbol of negation and prohibition. This gate also symbolises the enclosure of his joyful childhood. The chapel and the graves took over his childhood area, which brought him a lot of joy. The removal of this nature spot made the garden a forbidden place for natural delights of love and joy. The innocence of the place was taken out along with the flowers and the open garden. The writer experienced a loss of innocence as the garden did too. All the experience of joy he had in the garden went crashing down along with place which transformed into a place of death. The target theme for both poems would be joy and nature, as both poems take place in open areas. The descriptions in the poem talk about innocence and joy. The description of the surroundings is all about nature and the joy that was spread around. In “The echoing green” there was a description of experience for when “old John” had a flashback of the time when he was having fun like the
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