The Economic And Economic Causes Of The American Revolution

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As the American Revolution came to an end in 1783, North American colonies were at the start of America’s independence. However, this was not a time for great celebration. As the American Revolution ended the effects of the major debt the war had caused lead to a severe economic depression followed in 1784. Along with the depression the United States government was on the brink of bankruptcy. Some of the economic and political problems during the 1780s played a huge role in the way the United States formed the Constitution.
The economic crisis that was faced during this time included American ships barred which reduced trade. The United States also faced the issue of Navigation Acts where ships were heavily taxed when trading with Britain and the West Indies, which were allies to Britain. Another economical issue was that during the American Revolution, the government had to used loans. The government had printed continental certificates to pay for war officers and soldiers as well as supplies that were used in the Revolutionary War. Shortly after the war ended these non-interest bearing notes suddenly lost their value. As a result, holders of these notes, which mostly where merchants, farmers and small businessmen, had no other option but to sell them cheap. This later lead to another debatable issue of speculators profiting. Additionally, American ships were threatened by pirates. Due to the lack of Navy to protect United States ships, pirates threated United States
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