Analysis: The Reagan Revolution

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Register to read the introduction…The nation seemed to be troubled by its loss of power and fall from grace on the world stage. It wasn’t until 1980 with the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan that the American Spirit was lifted. During his presidency the United States saw great growth in Industry, defense, also great tax cuts and cuts in the federal budget and government funded programs. With the election of Reagan great changes were brought about and America was able to move past the misfortune that struck the 1970s. This time of great prosperity is known as the Reagan Revolution a term used to describe his two terms in…show more content…
Carter laid out his plan for foreign policy in his Commencement Speech at Notre Dame. Carter’s goals were to focus on Human Rights. In Carter’s eyes he saw protecting human rights as a way to create peace and lessen cultural tension while pointing out American morals. Carter worked with the trilateral commission, whose goals were to adapt to the changing world. In other words do away with the old ways, for U.S. supremacy was over. The Trilateral Commission wanted to create a complex interdependency by working with other nations to establish human rights. Carter took steps to reduce arms and the sale of armaments so that the threat of nuclear warfare would be reduced. Thus creating freedom from the fear of communism. During the Cold War Cater called for a new Foreign policy , one based on the idea the United States could help shape a new world rooted in good values, morals and optimism. This can be seen in his commencement speech on human rights and foreign policy at Notre Dame University when he states “t is a new world, but America should not fear it. It is a new world, and we should help to shape it. It is a new world that calls for a new American foreign policy--a policy based on constant decency in its values and on optimism in our historical vision.” Carter began aiding counties to protect individuals from arbitrary powers by giving out money aid, and imposing economic sanctions on countries the violate human rights. However Carters foreign policy quickly changed with the 1997 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Which had been the most serious threat to peace since World War 2, and the 1980 Iranian hostage crisis 50 American hostages where taken by Iranian terrorist supporting Iran’s revolution that were protesting the admission of Shah into the United States for medical
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