The Economic Impacts Of Economic Globalization And Economic Growth

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Does globalizing in economy sector able to help developing countries to grow? In the early of 20th century, globalization in economy sector become a trend in developing and economically settled countries. But the trends of economic globalizing have been a serious topic of debates among researchers and experts whether it is beneficial or not for the economic growth. Some researchers debate that economic globalization may cause economy inequality and unbeneficial situation that relates to the slow economy growth. While other researchers argue that economic globalization gives solutions of trading and poverty that developing countries encounter. In this paper, I will discuss how Economy Globalization is a good trend that brings benefit for the country.
The decision of doing economy globalization chosen because it is considered as beneficial for the country. “The economic essence of globalization is actualized in spreading out the most efficient forms of social production, which in technological terms is demonstrated in the speed, cost-cutting, and reliability of production processes.” (Mamedov, 2016). Globalizing the trade to become international wide gives more opportunity for the country to fulfill the demand of the country. Not just able to cover the demands quickly, but also providing a cheaper way to provide demands that can not be fulfilled from local commodities. The stability of demand accomplishment in production creates a good situation for production to keep up and

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