Realism And Fantasy In Margaret Atwood's Life Before Man

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conventions of writings in different forms such as fairy tale, spy thriller, Science fiction, history and gothic romances. Her writing challenges and breaks the traditional genres. She gains attention not only with the way of telling stories but also with the function of language itself. Atwood challenges the limits of fiction and real life and her genres in many of her novels. Carol Ann Howells speaks about Atwood’s technique as, Obviously revisionist perspectives have narrative consequences not only for narrators but also for readers, turning our attention towards process of deconstruction and reconstruction while emphasizing the provisionality of any narrative structure. Atwood’s novels are characterized by their refusals to invoke any final authority as their open endings resist conclusiveness, offering instead hesitation, absence or silence while hovering on the verge of new possibilities. Their indeterminacy is a challenge…show more content…
This novel fits into the mode of postmodernist fantasy. It is a novel, which is at once experimental, interrogative, confessional, polemical and irrationally subjective. Like other novels of Atwood, it is experiment in language. It is the novel of manners, which is translated into twentieth century life, and it is the description of sexual manners and misunderstanding between the couples. The Handmaid’s Tale published in the year 1985, is a postmodern feminist novel, concerns for the exploitation of patriarchal systems that is against women’s equality. At the thematic novel, the novel carries patriarchal power to its logical and nightmarish extreme, shows how live in such a situation, and create female space for themselves through various strategies. It is a dystopian novel, which explore the theme of women suppression in the patriarchal society, which women attain identity and freedom. The novel wins 1985 Governor General’s
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