The Editing Style Of Lawrence Of Arabia And The Matrix

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Post production is the art of completing a movie after the production is done. There are numerous parts of post production . Some of the major ones are editing, sound composition & editing, visual effects and color correction or grading. (, n.d.). Cinematography is a major part of production however it is inter related with post production. The art of joining the various shots in a desired manner is commonly known as editing. There are different types of editing styles, that i will discuss later on in this essay.
For this essay i will compare and contrast two different movies namely, Lawrence of Arabia(1962) & The Matrix(1999). Will the editing style of Lawrence of Arabia still work in todays generation? Both the movies are well recognized and won many awards changing the film industry. Both posses an overall unique style of editing. Lawrence of Arabia released in 1962, was a biographical, action adventure drama shot captured in 70mm. It was directed by David Lean and edited by Anne V. Coates. The movie received various awards, one of them being the academy award for best film editing in 1963. Freddie Young, also received various awards for his extraordinary cinematography. Lawrence of Arabia is still considered one of the most effective editing moment in history (Cinefix, n.d.). The matrix was a sic fi, action adventure film that was digitally captured and released in 1999. It was directed by the Wachowskis brothers and edited by Zach Sternberg. The matrix

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