The Educated Imagination Analysis

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In Frye’s The Educated Imagination, the audience is introduced to the topic, why one should educate their imagination. Frye begins by informing the reader that the imagination is made of intellect and emotions. A person who lacks these two areas is unable to think and feel. While, a person who is educated in these areas is morally just and socially informed allowing him to view the world in a different perspective. Members in society constantly use their imagination so it is of utmost importance to educate your imagination so you may express yourself, use your imagination to create your own ideas, and finally to appreciate the study of literature. Frye explains that the first level of language, the language of consciences or awareness is our…show more content…
The study of literature is also another topic that relies of an individual to have educated the intellectual and emotional aspects of their bodies to master their imagination. When someone has developed this ability they are able to fully understand literature. For example, Achilles the typical hero archetype is explained by Frye as “Achilles is greater than any man could ever be (Frye, 24).” A regular person would be in awe of Achilles great prowess in battle and would use their imagination to become the mighty Achilles in their dreams. The individual with an educated imagination on the other hand, would be relate to Achilles strengths while at the same time identify with his weaknesses as we humans share them as well. As you can see an educated imagination is a valuable tool that can be used in various ways such as expressing yourself, utilizing your imagination to create new ideas dependent on your situation, and appreciating various literary masterpieces so you may become a morally just and socially informed individual in modern day
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