Cheating In High School

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“If I cheat and don’t get caught, the reward is an ‘A’ in the class”. Cheating is a getaway for everyone beginning from high school to college up to graduate and professional schools. Which leads to students participating to an academic dishonesty, a violation to any educational environment with any form of cheating or participating of any kind of sharing information to others for homework, tests, and papers. It has become so common for students that cheating has branched out to different type of styles such as plagiarism, turning in someone’s work as their own, copying without proper credit, allowing others to copy off their own work, fabricating data, to cheating off a test with their phones, handwritten notecards, written information on personal erasers etc. Today in society cheating is not a thought-out plan to do before…show more content…
Students are more influenced and encouraged to do what everyone else does and how society handles certain situations. With cheating, it starts off in high school and repeatedly doing so to maintain good grades. Through a survey of 70 high schools, McCabe found out within 24,000 students more than half have admitted in plagiarism, cheating through a test, and copying homework. Cheating in high school is continued to cheat in college up to 70%, the surveys are stabled throughout the years that follow common behaviors as to why students cheat. Which brings out the high school education such as not teaching students how to do their own research and paraphrasing other’s work, leading student to just copy and paste straight from the internet because they lack confidence of their own thoughts so
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