The Effect Of Education: Causes And Effects Of College Students

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Education is the procedure of learning and knowingentities around us or the encompassing process and proceeds throughout our lives. Undeniably, our society is geared towards promoting education as the way of our lives. As they always say, knowledge is power. While the program in education may differ in various forms and substance in every country, however, society agrees in promoting a formal education in the schools. As usual, part of the program is the college degree or education. Today, various programs, courses and degrees are being offered in different colleges and universities throughout our country and the world.

Yes, college life is filled with many transitions. This includes the financial requirements of the school and the new possibility of moving away from home or the possibility of being independent. This new environment and the pressure of handling coursework while still maintaining a social life and the possibility of entering into a romantic relationship can be helpful. However, according to some accounts, it may also present its own set of difficulties.

This study attempts to evaluate the possible causes of college students’ performances in particular while being involved in a romantic relationship or the students’ view of its acceptability. It aims to realize how it affects their grades or struggles in the school, how the students reacted, learned from it and hopefully addressing it to students lives in colleges or universities.
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