The Effect Of Jackie Robinson's Involvement In Sports On Culture

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Sports not only create a culture, they also affect culture. With every rise of a culture, new standards are established by individuals within the cultures boundaries. Participants involved with cultural decisions are affected by these established standards. Increasing those who are allowed to participate in sport competitions increase the poll of people who actively participate in the government. Champions make their mark upon the history of their culture and increase their spectators involvement in society. For example, Jackie Robinson, first black athlete to play in Major League Baseball, opened the floodgates to non-racial sports. During this time, America was going through the end of Segregation. Through Jackie Robinson involvement in…show more content…
In addition, women involvement in sports increased with the rise to women’s desire to have more rights during the Women’s Rights Movement of 1860 within the United States of America. The 1980’s is a perfect example of the connection between culture and sports because the National American Woman Suffrage Association was created in 1890 which “campaigns to obtain voting rights for women” also, Bloomer Girls began to “get paid as they travel the country playing baseball against men’s teams” in the 1890 as well (Imbornoni "Women 's Rights Movement”). Before this time, there was little to no women involvement in sports or politics and government. In other words, women sports effected the man held culture of the 1800 to a community where women could vote and compete against men in the office as well as on the playing…show more content…
Many families even created traditions based upon these events. Some believe that “sports in modern society are some of America’s most popular forms of mass entertainment” because “millions and millions of people attend…[these] events and tune in each year to cheer on their favorite team or player” (Rask “American Ball Sports”). Citizens feel the loss of the teams and most individuals associate themselves with their favorite sports team. Most of the famous competitions are nation wide events but there are a lot of other sport competitions other than on the national level. These events range from world wide events, to national and college level play, to playground activities. Many benefactors are attached to these sport events other than increase level of activity and health. One example is the benefit of the communities economy that hold the chosen sport event. A study called sports “major economic vehicles for cities” (Green “Sociology of Sport”). In other words, sports improve the economy of the events community. A lot of money is made and spent through sport events and some events are even multi-million dollar enterprises. The economy is not the only thing that is benefited by sports

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