The Effect Of Smartphone On Work And Work

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The Effect of Smartphone on Work and Life
In 2013, empirical studies have shown that an average of 88% of the total global population owned a cell phone, either a smartphone, such as an iPhone or an Android which has access to internet and applications, or other form of cell phones that do not have functions like the smartphone. Only 12% of the total population do not own a mobile phone (Poushter, 2016). With most of us owning a cell phone, communication has become increasingly convenient. Regardless of distance and time, we are now a click away from one another. Especially, the invention of the smartphone with functions similar to the computer allows one to be reached by anyone through emails, phone calls, messages, or other means of telecommunication effortlessly. Having such convenient technology readily available, some corporate incorporated smartphone usage into their work practices to further improve their company’s efficiency. However, until today, there are many debate amongst scholars on the effect of smartphone on work and life. Several scholars maintain that this method of work not only provide a more flexible work agenda but also increases productivity, thus promoting the separation of work and life of employees. On the contrary, other scholars argue that the use of smartphone for work purposes disrupts the work-life balance of workers. This essay highlights the negative effect of smartphone on work and life of employees mainly in terms of their leisure, family
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