The Effect Of Social Class In Winter Dreams, By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Throughout life, many people display the extreme effect social class can play on one's personality. In Fitzgerald's "Winter Dreams," he emphasizes the complications of social status in the 1920's and the negative implications that come from the aggressive pursuit of the American Dream. Throughout Fitzgerald's work, he illustrates the accumulation of one's wealth causes one to lose sympathy for others through characterization, diction, and tone.
In "Winter Dreams," Fitzgerald emphasizes the negative effect of wealth on one's sympathy for others through the use of characterization. Early in the passage readers encounter the young Judy Jones in action of throwing her golf club violently to the ground. During this moment, Fitzgerald states, "Miss
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As a financially successful adult, Dexter often spends time with those of a similar nature; one being Mr. Hedrick. One afternoon while golfing, Judy Jones becomes the subject of conversation and the men exchange their opinions. In this instance, Fitzgerald states, "She always looks as if she wanted to be kissed! Turning these big cow-eyes on every calf in town!" In this statement, Fitzgerald uses the words "cow-eyes" and "calf" in order to show the disrespect Mr. Hedrick displays for Judy Jones. Fitzgerald specifically uses words referencing a cow to show how Mr. Hedrick, a man of high wealth and social status, objectifies women as being similar to a piece of meat. As a man of high wealth and social class, he feels superior to women and does not hesitate to make inhuman statements about Judy Jones. Being a member of the wealthy class in society, Fitzgerald characterizes Mr. Hedrick as misogynistic — a common characteristic of wealthy men during the early 1920s. Fitzgerald's use of diction in his piece of work helps to emphasize the immense disrespect for others that results from the accumulation of

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