The Impact Of Abortion On Human Life

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Currently, there are various controversial issues nations fail to agree about. Among this several issues, the one that has the major impact on human life is the legalization of abortion. Abortion is considered a very sensitive issue as it has a direct relationship with human life, that’s why beliefs and opinions about whether or not abortion should be allowed are commonly divided into two groups: the pro-choice and the pro-life. Those who are pro-choice believe that abortion should be legalized without any kind of influence neither from the government nor the religion. On the other hand, those who are pro-life argue that human life begins at the moment of conception, that the embryo is not part of the mother’s body but that it is an authentic…show more content…
None of the methods women use to abort are completely safe. For instance, one of the most common methods used is suction aspiration, where the doctor uses a tool to suck the fetus into a bottle. During this procedure, great care must be taken to prevent damage in the uterus that could lead to hemorrhages and more complications that could drastically affect the woman (Abortion Some Medical Facts). Moreover, infections may easily happen because of the tools that the doctor could or could not had disinfected. Also, during suction aspiration or other methods used to abort, women could suffer from uterus perforation or cervical lacerations. According to the World Health Organization, almost 47 000 women die each year due to complications of unsafe abortion (World Health Organization) which shows that risks do happen during abortions. Despite problems during abortion’s surgical procedure, abortion can result in medical complications later in women’s life. For instance, the risk of suffering ectopic pregnancy, where the fetus get attached outside the uterus, may increase; which is life threatening and may result in reduced fertility. Another post-abortion risk for all women is Endometritis, which is a uterine infection produced by different kinds of bacteria. This medical complication is more common in women between twenty and thirty…show more content…
Those reasons vary in range from personal to universal and are generally based on the different life experiences and circumstances. Due to the vast differences, abortion is a conflict that will last as long as children are born. Although both sides regarding abortion have valid arguments, think about this: Is abortion really worth it? Do women really have the right to steal the life of a new living being? Fetus and future children are also human beings so it should be illegal to abort them, just as it is illegal to kill a murder. Besides the fact that we are all humans, women should also think that the fact of carrying the fetus for nine months is probably a small cost for a whole life with risks, neither with psychological problems nor medical complications. By banning abortion, women are also being prohibited to take “shortcuts” to get rid of the baby and are demonstrating maturity by choosing other options as adoption if they don’t want to raise the child. Moreover, and probably the most important argument, is that you will never know how successful and incredible your future human could be if you never give them the chance and right to
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