The Effects Of Abortion On Human Life

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Currently, there are various controversial issues nations fail to agree about. Among this several issues, the one that has the major impact on human life is the legalization of abortion. Abortion is considered a very sensitive issue as it has a direct relationship with human life, that’s why beliefs and opinions about whether or not abortion should be allowed are commonly divided into two groups: the pro-choice and the pro-life. Those who are pro-choice believe that abortion should be legalized without any kind of influence neither from the government nor the religion. On the other hand, those who are pro-life argue that human life begins at the moment of conception, that the embryo is not part of the mother’s body but that it is an authentic human life. Therefore, ending with that innocent life is killing someone immorally. Even though each point of view has valid arguments, there are reasons such as – the mother’s welfare, the wrong use of abortion, and the impact on society – that argument why abortion should not be legal and should not be determine by the decision of the woman. Researches have concluded that life begins at the moment of conception in the mother’s uterus (Anderson) so when women abort, they are in fact killing someone. Even those who state that a fetus is not a person until it born, they must at least acknowledge the fact that a fetus is a human life and a potential human being. Therefore, when women abort, a human life is being eliminated. This is a

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