The Effects Of Advertising: The Impact Of Fashion Advertising

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In recent years, fashion advertising has begun to be broadcast beyond magazines and newspapers. Fashion advertising has been following along with the technology and social media boom and introduced multiple outfits into one advertisement rather than the one outfit typically seen in magazine and newspaper advertisements. He, Liu, and Usman's (2014) research determined that the impact of advertising can help brands grow their brand reputation and become more recognizable to consumers. In their research, "it was estimated in 2000, that $15 billion was spent on cooperative advertising and in 2010, $50 billion was spent" (He, Liu, and Usman, 2014, p. 1). The advertising business has grown significantly over the past decade. Escobar's (2016) research…show more content…
Companies take the opportunity to shock, humor, and impress their consumers through advertisements. With the ability of information being spread through media channels, advertisements can leave an impression on consumers within minutes. According to Schorin and Vanden Bergh (1985), a specific lifestyle, “Country-Western” was promoted throughout all mass media. Mass media:
“must be definition reach and be comprehensible for a mass audience. Advertising intended for a mass audience, but which is too unanticipated or too novel for a mass market publication, would run the considerable risk of being incomprehensible and disaffecting.” (p. 516)
Schorin and Vanden Bergh researched how successful country-western music was spread through radio and television. Because of television, it allowed not just the music, but also the fashion trend of country western to be promoted around the world. It helped bring a fashion trend that was purely American; cowboy boots and hats with big buckles on belts. These findings showed that consumers need beyond word of mouth to understand a trend. Consumers need a visual aid (such as television and print ads) to grow inspiration to start/continue a
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Jung, Lee, and Workman (2017) researched trendsetters, specifical students in the United States and South Korea. Trendsetters primarily create their own fashion trend (innovators) or are early adopters on the Rogers Adoption/ Innovation Curve. The Rogers Adoption/ Innovation Curve is a model that determines when a consumer adopts a product. Consumers can be seen as innovators to a product, all the way to laggards, the last to adopt a product (Rogers, 2003). Trendsetters are considered “gatekeepers” because they have the information on a product and have the ability to control it to other consumers (Jung, et al.,

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