The Effects Of Air Pollution In China

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If there’s a word that can describe winter in Beijing, that word is “Gray”. Because of the air pollution, it’s very rare to see blue sky, and, not only Beijing, but also many other provinces in china are suffering from the pollution. Behind the air issue, various causes could be found from three different levels: global, domestic, and individual. To solve the problem, interdisciplinary thoughts are useful.

Air pollution, essentially, is an environmental problem. But the issue could be explained from three different levels.

From the global level, economic globalization is the cause. Economic globalization allowed many foreign companies to build their factories in China. For example, Apple has its iphones and ipads produced in China. This is because of the low exchange rate, a little amount of dollars (or other foreign currency) could exchange for a big amount of RMB. This makes the price of electricity, water and many other raw materials cheaper. Further more, China has lower tax rate. Since 1985, an export tax rebate policy was executed to enhance the competitiveness of China as an export country. In addition to the originally low-priced land, and the cheap labor force, because of the large population, China becomes the ideal place of building factories. Therefore, the foreign companies minimized their cost while avoided pollution problems could be brought by the production process. Now, the factories’ negative influence on environment started to shown as the form of air

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