Economic Globalization In China

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If there’s a word that can describe winter in Beijing, that word is “Gray”. Because of the air pollution, it’s very rare to see blue sky, and, not only Beijing, but also many other provinces in china are suffering from the pollution. Behind the air issue, various causes could be found from three different levels: global, domestic, and individual. To solve the problem, interdisciplinary thoughts are useful.

Air pollution, essentially, is an environmental problem. But the issue could be explained from three different levels.

From the global level, economic globalization is the cause. Economic globalization allowed many foreign companies to build their factories in China. For example, Apple has its iphones and ipads produced in China. This
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In 1949, China was just a country that mainly relied on agriculture, and technology was also relatively out of date. What’s worse was the following Great Famine, the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. These events were all political decision miss and it was almost a disaster to China. To recover from the shock, China had to join the Economic Globalization and play a role as a “World’s factory” because of the population and land advantage. Since China didn’t have technology, low-skilled production and export was the only choice. It did make china such a strong country in such a short time but the environment problem it brought was…show more content…
The following explanation will also be following the there levels mentioned above. To solve the problem caused by globalization, the cooperation between countries is needed. China should make agreement with other countries about the factory emission standards, or make announcement through international organizations. This could be seen from the lens of politics. For domestic problems, problems could be analyzed through the perspective of law and economy. For economy, China should focus on the shift from secondary industry to tertiary industry and development of technology. Also, controlling the exchange rate and minimum wage is important as well. Besides, laws should be established to control factory waste and create a more environmental-friendly industry system. As for the individual consumption problem, psychology is required for the solution. People have the tendency to conform with the society, the environment. As a result, when a group of people starts to waste energy because of surplus, others might conform, so owning more cars, houses had become a symbol of higher social status. Therefore education is needed to correct trend of wasting. When more and more people start saving resources, to conform with others, more people would start to do the
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