The Effects Of Alienation In Modern Society

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Today’s world is living very quickly. Most people try to adjust to the routine that we are given, so working, meeting with each other, spending holidays and the other way back. That is how society works - Fast. It can be easily compared to a giant organism in which every cell has different role, but they all have to cooperate???. Looks smoothly???, but have we ever thought what happens if the organism is sick? Naturally it recovers, but it also loses few of the diseased cells. These lost cells can be compared to humans, but not to these resourceful and ingenious, but rather to these abandoned and ditched by society. And honestly, they have really hard times, because modern society do not stop to help, and they are often unaided. Left just for themselves. Naturally, there is also a family to support which in our organism analogy can be compared to cure, but not in every case family seems to be a good worshipper, same as not every cure helps. Sometimes cure can even have the reversed effect. Just like family for whom such poor human entity is only a burden. Then in fact such entity ends up at best vegetating, but the most frequent scenario is just death. There are not many examples of such literature, but we should remind about one of the most bizarre and weird novel dedicated to this particular issues of alienation and isolation which is titled “Metamorphosis”. It is a book written in 1915 by Franz Kafka and depicts life of a man who in one night goes through a
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