The Effects Of Authoritarian Parenting On Children

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Life experiences and parenting styles that our parents have been exposed to shape the type of parenting style that they have developed. A theory developed by Baumrind suggests that there are four different styles of parenting which are authoritarian, authoritative, neglectful, and indulgent. In families’ characteristics and teachings are typically passed on from generation to generation and the way that our parents were raised are typically the same way that they will choose to raise us. Typically, a parent is not just one type of parenting style they are typically a mix of parenting styles which is good for them to know how to react differently in various situations. Authoritarian parenting is described as a restrictive, punitive style in which parents exhort the child to follow their directions and respect their work and effort (Santrock,245). This form of parenting style involves very strict rules and is very controlling over the children and doesn’t tolerate any back talk. Parents that demonstrate this style of parenting have high expectations for their children and they do not trust them to make smart decisions (Cherry, “The Effects of Authoritarian Parenting on Children”, 2018). The way this style relates to my parents is by the way that they have very high expectations of me when it comes to school and have always expected me to do very well and get good grades. However my parents do trust me in making the right decision, and they do not put heavy limitations on
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