Inspirational Quotes About Bullying

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“You can only let someone throw so many stones at you before you pick them all up, put them together and build a wall to keep them from doing it again” (87 Inspirational Quotes about Bullying). Bullying should be addressed because it affects the victims, affects the bullies and impacts the bystanders and schools in many ways. Many people have experienced bullying as the victims, bullies or the bystanders (witnesses). We should care about bullying because it is a widespread problem. Many times bullying is not even reported. Bullying equally impacts both the victims and the bullies by causing long term and short term psychological effects. It also impacts the people who witnessed it in many ways.Different forms of aggression can be considered…show more content…
Students start to develop a resistance to go to school as they are un-enthusiastic to go due to the bullying that they witnessed at school. They commence to fear and feel insecure and powerless. They additionally experience lot of guilt as they did not act when they witnessed bullying. They have high chances of increase in anxiety and depression. They may also develop various mental health problems. They develop an addiction towards tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.(“The Impact of Bullying”). When a school does not take any action against bullying, it can have a negative impact on the entire school climate. It affects the learning of students, and also impacts the confidence of the parents on the school. This may result in the school developing an environment of fear and disrespect. Students start feeling insecure and start to dislike the school. They feel that the teachers and staff do not care about them and have very little or no control over the issues taking place at school. (“The Impact of Bullying”). “In the face of the international mandate for safe learning environments, the reality for many school students is quite different. Many experience bullying and many other forms of violence on a day-to-day basis within school (for example, Leach and Mitchell, 2006, Dunne, 2007). Bullying, aggression and other forms of violence in schools can blight student experiences of formal education and their abilities to make the best of the opportunities they have (Commission on Children and Violence, 1995; Department for Children, Schools and Families, 2007; United Nations, 2005). More specifically, violence against students may result in higher levels of absenteeism (Rigby and Slee, 1993), greater truancy (Cullingford and Morrison, 1996; Green, 2006) and increased likelihood of drop out (Leach and Mitchell, 2006) which are described by Lewin (2007) as forms of silent exclusion from

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