The Effects Of Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Censorship can affect everyone in the world in many different ways. In the case of the book “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury, it has a negative effect on the city. The government banishing the books from society is taking away the power of knowledge from the people. Knowledge is a way of power and with that, the more knowledge one has the more power they will have. This is also the case in slavery in the U.S in the 18th century. Information is key to a humans life and it build their life. An example is the book “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass” Information is power and if it is taken away from someone their power goes with it. In the book “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury, books are taken from society and these people are left with the radios and televisions for entertainment and daily updates. With the absence of the books it takes away the knowledge of the citizens leaving them very careless and stuck behind the televisions. "Nobody listens anymore. I can 't talk to the walls because they 're yelling at me. I can 't talk to my wife; she listens to the walls. I just want someone to hear what I have to say. And maybe if I talk long enough, it 'll make sense. And I want you to teach me to understand what I read." (Bradbury 78) Books to him are a way to communicate with others. He is frustrated that everyone else is blind to that. This expresses the value of the books expanding the way of communicating. He knows he will need help on understanding it and
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