Why Cheating Is Bad

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Everyone knows cheating is wrong. You are taught at a young age that you always play fair no matter who you are playing with. For some people though the desire to win overrides all sense of fairness, and they use whatever means necessary to win. There have been many athletes in the Olympics who have cheated and been stripped of there medals after competition is over. There are some different types of cheating that has happened throughout the Olympics over the years. During the latest Olympics there has been a major doping issue. Doping is when an athlete takes an illegal substance to improve his or her performance. Another way people have cheated is lying about their gender. This has not happened much but it somehow has been done before. There has also been an instance when technology had been changing the score of a certain athlete. One last way some athletes have cheated is by just not finishing the competition. Fred Lorz ran in the men marathon in the 1904 Olympics. He ran a time of three hours and thirteen minutes, well ahead of his competition. The reason he finished so fast is because he did not run the whole race. About 9 miles into the race Fred withdrew from the…show more content…
Many people think that athletes take steroids to get faster and build more muscle, there are some drugs that do this but most athletes use certain types of steroids to keep their bodies from shutting down so they can work harder. This may seem odd but in the Olympics almost every event is won by less than 1 percent. Say if you are in a marathon the effects of these drugs will become more obvious in the race than a 100 m sprint. If your body is able to make that extra 1 percent of energy you can out last your competition. Also, when the athlete is working out, if they can push themselves harder because of these drugs and get more out of their workout they can build that endurance and it will effect the way the competition will and based on the
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