The Effects Of Chil Child Abuse

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Every type of child abuse is more likely to cause emotional problems to a child or make them to distrust on adults. The effects of child abuse depend on how frequently it occurs, the age, physical condition, gender, and the type of abuse the child has been suffering. When children are abused physically, their behavior and school performance change tremendously because they start experimenting psychological disorders which lead them to learn slowly. Children who have been abused at home, are more likely to spend their day outside by leaving early and going back late because they feel more secure on the street rather than at home. When physically abuse, a child appearance also changes because of black eyes, broken bones, bruises mark and so on. Similarly, when children are abused sexually they may develop eating disorders by gaining or losing weight, change their appearance during pregnancy, or gain difficulty walking or sitting. Many adults that have been sexually abused in their childhood are more likely to engage in prostitution because of psychological trauma. Likewise, physical and sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect cause many psychological problems not just in their childhood but also when they turn adults. Children develop problems at school because of the lack of concentration, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping and turn aggressively. As adults, they experiment problems in relationships, mental health problems, and resentment or anger which sometimes makes them abuse other children.

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