British Colonialism In North America

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Around five hundred years ago, the tentative land filled with numerous treasures and reserves fueled the interest of numerous European travellers to explore the New World. The era of Colonialism in North America initiated endless issues, many rooted the conflicts with the people who habituated the land first and how to manage control over them, as it was the case in several other colonial endeavours. In countless ways, the British colonizers handled a large amount of strategies to deteriorate the Native American population, by discriminating against them both in social and legal manner, as this would increase power for the colonizers. The trading of alcoholic substances was amongst the numerous strategies, but they did exploit its distribution as well as consumption for their own benefit thus increasing the intensity of their power over the native population . During this era, the colonizers often attempted to justify several of their actions by claiming that native Americans were an inferior race. Such misconception has…show more content…
Crucially, the fact that topic of the contemporary “drunk native” stereotype cannot be discussed without recognizing that the issue began with European contact. Despite the efforts of the American government to regulated or even ban alcohol from the native Americans, they could never eradicate or at least diminish the impact of drinking culture. Additionally, the coincidental connection between their religious beliefs and stable accessibility facilitated the development of heavy drinking patterns that were intergenerationally inherited in this group. Whether the intentions of the settlers were in good faith or not, the introduction of alcohol in such large amounts to a group of individuals that had little to no information on its effects, started a domino effect of multiple complications as well as repercussions that for ages have been entirely blamed on native
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