How Does Email Affect Interpersonal Communication

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Electronic mail has changed interpersonal communication in the business world dramatically in the past few decades. Clearly, tasks that would have taken weeks in the past through standard mail can be accomplish rapidly through email. Occasionally, email can be sent and received and responded to within minutes. Still, this can affect interpersonal communication in the following ways.
• Emailing as the only means of communication can cause some employees to develop what is known as “communicative disease. The absence of heartfelt communication in human relationships that leads to loneliness and social isolation.” (Nelson& Quick 2013, p. 298). This can be resolved by interacting with co workers. For instance, using email to plan meetings to discuss projects as opposed to discussing projects entirely through email.
• Etiquette for correspondence through standard mail dictates formalities such as complete words, paragraphs, thoughts,and ideas. Apparently, this ettiquette does not transfer over to email which allows indivduals that are professionals to forget their grammar school training. A large majority send sloppy, illconcieved emails to bosses and business correspondents.
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The employee now has an easier method of tossing that monkey onto his bosses back. This may amplify the ability for the employee to have the boss make the next move and be hurtful to the process. However, the technique the boss can use to ensure the employee always has to make the next move is by setting protocols. To demonstrate, the rule may be that employee is permitted to use email only to send a request to speak with the boss. This process prevents employee from stating problem and tossing next move onto boss. Boss can go one step further and state allow 24 to 48 hours for response. In fact, boss can specify problems remain employees until discussed and solution
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