Poverty In Africa Essay

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Poverty, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica (1981), is a lack of means to satisfy a person’s needs for nutrition, housing, clothing, and other essentials of life. Historically, Africa has been plagued by poverty. However, Africa is extremely rich in natural resources. Africa holds 60% of the world’s platinum, 40% of the gold and more than 90% of the world’s diamonds (Endres, 2012). How can the richest continent in the world in context of natural resources have 42% (World Bank, 2011) of the total population living below the poverty line? Ultimately, corruption is responsible for Africa’s perpetuating poverty. In Africa alone, $148 billion goes missing to corruption every year (Adusei, 2009). According to Nkoyock (2012) corruption is a global phenomenon that is known to cause poverty, drive away investment and obstruct development.

Corruption has the tendency to obstruct the development of any economy in multiple ways. The primary impact is that corruption aggravates capital shortages by granting less money for developmental purposes (Nwankwo, 2013). In Africa, many countries already face capital shortage
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Corruption fosters a culture of poor values and causes individuals to seek excessive wealth through immoral means (Ali, 2013). The devaluation of moral standards in any society inevitably causes a rise to the society’s crime rate (Ali, 2013). According to Felson (2014) there is a well-established cause and effect correlation between crime and poverty. The relationship is one where the two factors both cause and are caused by one another and thus in essence create an infinite cycle. Africa’s unintentional formation of a corruption accepting culture has by no means helped in hindering an ever-increasing crime rate. It has rather encouraged the immoral acquisition of wealth from others, often involving exploitation of the poor causing the poor to become poorer (Collier,

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