The Effects Of Crumple Zones

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The problem that I have chosen to write about is crumble zones and how they prevent deaths. The contexts of the problem is global because each day billions of people drive cars to different places and nearly 1.3 million people die each year from car crashes, which on an average day there are 3,287 deaths. The problem has affected billions of people, by crashing into hard objects and that’s where we use crumple zones. Without crumple zones there is a larger forces that can cause a greater rate of death. Crumple zones are a part of a vehicle that is designed to crash and crumple at the front of the car and back in a controlled way during a collision.This is helpful because they absorb the energy from the crash that has developed. There is…show more content…
However, the first time crumple zone was used in 1959. After Mercedes-Benz realised crumple zones as a safety feature in their vehicles. After that in the 1990s Volvo launched their side impact protection system. The crumple zones absorb energy from the side…show more content…
Many mechanics for different companies such as Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and many other have their own design for safety features such as crumple zones and this is what divides the good expensive cars from the bad and cheap ones. Most materials that they are made out of are: titanium or steel, spaced reinforcing fibres, low or high density polymeric foam. Crumple zones will firstly have high density of polymeric foam that is placed in the front cabin. Secondly the foam is caged in mechanical ribs made from the titanium or as I said before steel. Lastly as well the front end of the car is built from titanium or steel. From the diagram above in case A we get to see what it's like having no crumple zones while in case B the car has crumple zones. As we can see from case A if there is no crumple zones it will bounce off from the collision making a bigger force causing a bigger chance of death. However, in the second case when we have a crumple zones they reduce the effect of force meaning the time the car would stop would take longer. This will increase the safety. In other words by increasing the time of the collision, the force of the collision is reduced. This graph shows us that the number of the facilities from cars has reduced because of all the safety
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